Bring the Earth's natural beauty & energy into your home

You finally found the perfect site, and now you're ready to create the home of your dreams.
But your love for where you live makes you wonder about the environmental impact.
With Greenovision, you can build your dream home and live sustainably at the same time.

A beautiful custom home you can feel good about, every step of the way.

You’re unique,
so is your home

One of a kind, versatile living spaces that reflect your lifestyle

A green home is a comfortable home

Passive solar and cooling strategies, an advanced building envelope, and natural lighting reduce your energy needs

Live in harmony with nature

Compliment and enjoy your natural environment, indoors & out, urban or rural

Work with a design team that cares about you & the environment

Greenovision is a residential design firm in Bozeman, Montana.

Sustainable, energy-efficient home design is our passion.

We create comfortable living spaces that bring the natural beauty and energy of the outdoors into your home.

New custom homes

Additions & remodels

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Hourly consultation

Hear What clients say about Greenovision

“Thank you, Mark and Emily, for your attention and passion that went into the Hawk Ridge Home project. You ‘carried the ball’ from start to finish to make sure the design was followed explicitly. It was a challenge to be out-of-state but you kept us informed every step of the way. Your working relationship with the general contractor was invaluable. Inside and outside, I love every part of my house. Every window gives me magnificent views. My favorite room – has to be the loft!” -Carmella, Hawk Ridge Homeowner

“We have had such a good experience working with Mark and Emily at Greenovision. It is not easy to find an architect and build a home from out of state but after meeting with Mark we felt he understood what we were looking for. The roof design of the house is amazing! During the hot sunny summer months the sun barely comes in the large south facing windows. Today as I write this it is negative 17 degrees outside. The sun is hitting the tile floor and soaking up the heat! We couldn’t be more happy with the way our house functions for us and the simple beauty of its design.” -Katie, Crimson Bluffs Homeowner

“Our 1896 house is so wacky that we know it took a lot of patience, caring attention, and creativity to construct an exciting plan like this. This really solves many issues for our house in a fun and budget conscious way. It’s amazing how the design merges the old and the new. It feels unexpectedly spacious and has really cool structures. The energy efficiency of the addition is amazing.  It seems like we use less heat to keep the first floor warm, while at the same time it keeps the upstairs warm without any heat source up there. The roof is functioning great and looks really good. No ice dams! We’re thrilled!” -Log Cabin Remodel Homeowners

“I think the Firelight Meadows buildings look amazing and was extremely pleased with the final color choices. Through paint, we accomplished so much with the given character of the… structures. It sounds like we’ve had many positive comments from both homeowners and Realtors. Overall, it was a big task trying to please so many tastes and personalities but worth the work, time and financial investment. We appreciated your patience and assistance with this enormous undertaking.” -Annette, Firelight Meadows HOA Board Member, Big Sky, MT

“We knew in order to continue to live at 46 Clifford Street we needed substantial changes to the floor plan.  Naturally there were hurdles to overcome.  Would the Historical Society committee go along with such an overhaul?  Thank-you again, Mark, for paving the way for success.  The package you put together for their review was so professional and detailed and of such superior quality that many of the committee members were won over from the start.  For those who needed more convincing, you were able at the hearing to articulate the necessity and the beauty of this highly original approach.  The Proposal passed.” -Eckart & Molly, Remodel Clients

“Mark did a great job doing the drawings for a new walk out area to my basement. In addition to the parts that I had already envisioned, Mark designed a stunning railing and roof. The steel structure is simple and clean. It supports a beautiful roof made of translucent panels. The structure adds a contemporary, but tasteful touch to my vintage bungalow house.” -Michael, Remodel Client

“In 2006 we contracted with Mark and Emily to design a modern, energy efficient home that would be aesthetically pleasing and that blended in with the environment. We are a retired couple who wished to live in a house that provided vistas, was bright and airy and was designed to accommodate us as we aged. Since then we have enjoyed every aspect of our home. We highly recommend Greenovision.” -Sue & Lou, Liberty House Owners

“The reaction most people have when they set foot in Werkhaus (especially those who wrench for a living) is what a cool space the building really is. The combination of the vaulted ceiling and natural light creates an airiness that is usually missing in the typical garage. In essence, the auto work space is a nice place to be. A feature that you seldom see in a garage is the beauty of natural wood beams and walls.”-Phil, Werkhaus Owner

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