A work in progress

Hi all, just merrily working away here, wanted to throw a few images up of our furring and insulation job….I know extremely interesting….not! Oh and by the way we dont use folded newspapers anymore, unlike the original home insulators as found in the wall in featured image above.

And a word of advice for all of you out there looking to buy a ancient decrepit historic building…please if you do….don’t call me I am up to the elbows in filth and soot. Emily puts it that the building takes a crap every night, and it sure seems like it. Every day there is a new coating of filth on the floor after having cleaned it the afternoon before. I think of it as puke myself, the building is rather bilious. So if you like dirt, filth, decay, rot, mold, gross smells, buy one of these historic warships… a building like this is all about spending a whole bunch of cash just to remedy it, and pay for dumpster removal…oh by the way we are on dumpster 6 or 7…losing track now… and the house keeps puking it up.

Oh and another word of warning…dont be like the past ‘craftsmen’ and keep adding layers to a problematic interior…remove and rebuild otherwise the frame gets so loaded up with weight that it contorts the structure….these old buildings were not designed structurally, and they were really not designed to hold up 3 to 4 times of remodel layers. I guess ‘craft’ over the years in this building was about who could buy a 10 lb bag of nails and pound ’em home every day. Nailing is a small part of construction and remodeling…Sometimes folks ask me are you recycling materials from the building? Well believe you me I would if there was a damn thing worth saving …this building consists of mostly puke covering a skeleton that has been oh so stressed.
Again dont call me on this sort of building. Life is just too short for historicism.


  • July 7, 2009

    Willie C.

    Regarding the recycling of building materials: I know what you mean about layer after layer of remodel having to be removed to make sense of your own remodel. You look at the inside and then look at the outside, and then the realization that there is three feet of “improvements” that were never removed. Ugh!

    At that point, you kind of have to be at peace with not being as environmentally conscious as you would like. I rationalized it this way: “Every man woman and child is bestowed a certain amount of landfill space upon birth. I will devote all of mine to disposable diapers and home remodels.”

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