Back to the building a custom bench at Tenants Harbor

A change of pace today (thank god!). Jon, Steven, and I took the shop van up to Tenants Harbor to finish the bench that I started last fall, and left ‘This old f_ckin’ house’ behind. We met at 7:15 at the Ohno café, then loaded up and hit the road. We made short work of getting to the lumber that was planed up by a guy named Duey up in Liberty Maine.

Duey kind of looks like Mr Clean. He’s a big bald guy but friendly enough. He commented on how nice it was to work with a different species of tree. He usually works with white cedar which he says he can’t even smell anymore, our boards he planed were Hemlock.

We loaded up our boards and Jon wrote old Duey a check and we were off…
Off over hill and Dale, Over Appleton ridge, through Union, then on down a number of winding narrow roads, finally to Rockland to pick up some screws.By 11 we finally are at the Morrill camp at Tenants Harbor.

We unloaded the supplies, and started right in knowing we would have to get a move on it to get it all done that day. Jon was the board evaluation man; he sighted the boards, picked “the good edge”, and then laid them out for scribing.

I was the saw guy and ripped the boards to taper which was a breeze because I had it mocked up in a drawing so I could cut from this drawing.

Steven helped plane the edges, layout boards, screwed boards down and took a bunch of photos. In the end the whole things went as smooth as silk and we finished I think earlier than we all thought it would take.

The product came out very nice, and we all were satisfied with how it came out. We had a few celebrational beers and then hit the road back to Portland. 


  • June 21, 2009


    Mark – Nice bench! It looks great. I remember going to that camp a long time ago – cool place.

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