Building a custom bench alongside the Seals of Tenants Harbor

Its been a cool project building a custom bench  alongside the wildlife of the coast. The Loons in their winter plumage eating crabs. The Osprey screeching eerily on the other shore. The tide flowing by always telling the time.

Emily has been “holding the other end of the tape”, she is a real camper, never complains. The crib stone has been good rock with the proper machining characteristics, ie. takes a hammer drill bit well, and can actually be chiseled some. I have had Mark from Marks Metal

fabrication shop help me on this project, he has had some very good advice and we have got along great. Today he came out and ‘tack’ tig welded the stanchions to the mounting plates… then I took the whole wooden jig apart that had held all braced in place for the welding operation. After that I unbolted the stainless steel post from the crib. Emily and I cleaned up the site…took a last gaze out at the bay, the islands, the ocean, and packed the car with the pieces…. back to Marks shop where he will weld gusset plates to further brace the post and mounting plates. So its a process, not fast, not slow, but accurate.¬† To see more on the bench

Greenovision: Tenants Harbor bench progress

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