Crimson Bluffs Interior

Upon entering the Crimson Bluffs Home from the west-side entrance, you are greeted with a brightly lit and well organized foyer. This mudroom area has custom built-in cubbies and a closet for storage of seasonal clothing, shoes, and gear. Eventually there will be a custom built-in bench for sitting down and removing shoes. A door to the north of the foyer leads to a small and quiet office/wool dying and spinning room. Natural sunlight entering through the entry door is also shared through the glass door of the office.

This is custom-built shelving in the office/wool dying and spinning room. All of the custom finish carpentry and built-ins were crafted by Dan Harrigfeld of Cadillac Custom Cabinets of Townsend, MT.

Exiting the foyer to the east, you walk into an open floor plan which includes the kitchen, dining room, and living room. You immediately have stunning views of the Big Belt Mountains to the east and the Crimson Bluffs to the south. Views of the Missouri River can be seen just down the hill to the east and northeast.

The upper and lower operable awning windows are specially designed to promote passive cooling in the home. Cool air enters the home from the north and warm air exits to the south. The homeowners report the home is staying at a very comfortable interior temperature during the hot summer months without running any electric fans or venting devices.

There is an open kitchen with a custom wood slab counter top. Notice the fun pocket windows along the west-facing wall. They are specifically designed to minimize the amount of glaring western sunlight entering the home and provide snippets of views of the beautiful hillside behind. They serve two other important functions: senses of security and privacy. The homeowners can see from their kitchen and living room small views of the road and who is entering their driveway, but drivers-by cannot see in.

The natural wood ceiling gives the home a bright and organic feeling. The lumber used is basswood, which was brought to Montana by the homeowners from their native home of Minnesota- a homage to their roots.

Views of the Missouri River can be seen to the east. The deck with cantilevering roof overhang and custom cable railing is just outside of the sliding glass doors. The deck is a cool and shaded place to rest outdoors during the warmer months.

Views to the south are of the Crimson Bluffs hillsides. Notice the tiled radiant hydronic floor soaking up the sun’s natural energy on this February 15th day. The passively collected solar heat is actively distributed throughout the first floor by the radiant floor in a strategy we call “Sun Smart Radiant Heat.”

The upstairs spaces have 360 degree views, ample natural daylight, and and open airy feel. Wildlife such as bluebirds, sand hill cranes, pelicans, moose, and deer are seen right from their couch or kitchen island.


The main upstairs floor also includes a half bathroom, a walk-in pantry, and an open stairwell leading to the lower floor.

These are the stairs leading to the lower level. The stairs were designed and built by Marks Lumber of Clancy, MT and were installed by Dan Harrigfeld.

The custom welded ties for securing the railing to the stairs were fabricated by a high school student from Broadwater High School in Townsend as part of a shop class assignment. The steel was leftover from the exterior custom awnings (fabricated by Mark Pelletier). Most materials of this home were carefully selected to be either recycled or sustainable/long-lasting, so it was great to reuse these metal scraps. The inclusion of this student into the construction of this home really illustrates how the Crimson Bluffs Home was a community project. Like it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to build a house!

The lower level includes a master bedroom with master bath and walk-in closet, a guest room, a guest bathroom, and a large, sunny family room that can double as another guest room.

This is the view at the bottom of the stairs on the bottom floor of the family room. There is a custom rustic barn door leading to the guest bedroom. The south-facing windows are letting in the February sunlight for passive solar heat gain.

The guest bedroom has a custom crafted rustic bed frame by Cadillac Custom Cabinets. It’s hard to to see because of the glare, but there is a beautiful view of the Missouri River through the window.

The downstairs guest bathroom is naturally bright. The ample natural day lighting in this home saves significantly on electric lighting costs and creates a feeling of comfort.

The master bathroom with custom vanity is a mix of modern and rustic.

The master bedroom walk-in closet has custom cabinets for great organization.

The photo to the right is looking down the downstairs hall from the master bedroom. The ceilings on both floors are the natural basswood.

The lower level also has an unfinished room for storage, laundry, and the home’s mechanical systems.

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