Crimson Bluffs July 12th Construction Update

The construction of the Crimson Bluffs Home in Townsend is nearing completion! The finish details are being worked on now: finish carpentry, plumbing and lighting fixtures, deck railing, polycarbonate awning, and custom built cabinets. The interior of the home looks and feels amazing with panoramic views of the Missouri River and surrounding mountains. Stay tuned for more interior pictures…

We love designing and building these polycarbonate awnings! They do so much for both the aesthetic and function of the home.

This photo was taken first thing in the morning with the eastern light shining in. However, for most of the day the interior was cool and comfortable, yet bright, but with no direct light shining in. The overhangs and passive cooling are keeping the home naturally cool even though it was a hot, sunny day. Correct passive solar design naturally keeps the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Master bathroom almost complete!

Walk-in master shower

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