Crimson Bluffs July 18th Construction Update

Here are some updated construction photos from July 18th. The large steel/polycarbonate awning and the railing system are now complete at the Crimson Bluffs Home. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this quality project. We’re thrilled with the results!

Completed eastern deck railing, south side small polycarbonate awning, and large entryway awning.

Custom designed and fabricated steel and polycarbonate awning. This type of awning has many functions: 1) Rain and snow shed off the roof and away from the main entry door. 2) Harsh UV rays are broken down by the polycarbonate, protecting the deck and entryway. 2) Light is broken down some by the poolycarbonate, but still illuminates the entryway and enters through the glass door. This creates a bright and welcoming entryway rather than a gloomy one. This light will also be shared into the office, which is on the other side of the mudroom. 3) The welded steel has a lower profile than wood, so has a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Note that the home’s upper awning windows are open for passive cooling. It was in the mid 90’s outside, yet the home was naturally at a perfect temperature.

The deck provides a cool and shady place to rest on a hot summer’s day.

The deck and railing came out great!

Custom designed and fabricated steel railing system with cable rail.

Brad’s deck came out great. There still needs to be infill around the home, deck, and driveway, so this deck won’t be as tall.

We love the modern aesthetic of these polycarbonate awnings that we design.




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