Crimson Bluffs May 29th Construction Update

We spent a few days at the Crimson Bluffs home recently.  Things are moving along.  Often at this point in home construction, contractors can get frustrated because of subcontractor overlaps and time schedules not matching up.  Its a very busy time of the year in general.  This is why we always recommend to our clients to look at the design and construction process to be lined up well in advance and to understand that having your dream home designed and built should take time and not be a rushed endeavor.  Below are some images of all of the various details that are going on at once at this time on site.  Awnings being built, radiant floor being prepared for gypcrete pour, interior wood ceiling installation, exterior being completed so that final dirt grading can be completed.  The tile is being laid on the lower level.  We spent a very early morning taking some pictures to give a feeling for what its like to wake up on this site.  Hope you enjoy the images.  More later.

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