Meet Greenovision:

A small team with a big mission

Born from a passion for art, construction, and the environment, Greenovision is a small team with a big mission: to improve the way humans live.

Started as a design-and-build firm by Mark Pelletier in 2004, Greenovision grew to include Emily Varmecky in 2007. In 2014, Mark and Emily put the tool belts aside and have been focusing solely on custom residential design ever since.

Mark’s past contracting and construction experience informs Greenovision’s drive to innovate solutions to everyday problems, bringing a practical and efficient approach to the design process. Client’s goals are prioritized and then weighed collaboratively to determine the most beneficial juncture between needs and wants.  Greenovision takes pride in its reputation for thoughtfully designing and building beautiful homes correctly from the very beginning of the process, avoiding costly mistakes and unplanned alterations.

To Mark and Emily, Greenovision is not just a job; it means so much to them personally to work in a field that aligns with their values. More than anything, they love building lasting relationships with clients and seeing homeowners who are pleased and gratified with the completed project.

Meet Mark

Mark Pelletier, co-owner and principle designer at Greenovision, has more than 30 years of experience in the housing industry as a carpenter, contractor, and designer. Mark began developing construction skills at age 10, helping his father build and repair his family’s summer cabin in coastal Maine, then started building homes during summer vacations when still in high school. Throughout his twenties, he worked on numerous construction projects ranging from multifamily units and custom homes at Big Sky, Montana, to historic home renovations on the East Coast. Between construction projects, Mark dedicated his life to his love of rock climbing, skiing, biking, and fly fishing, spending many a night sleeping under the stars.

During his construction career, Mark developed a passion for the built form, but was increasingly disconcerted with the impact of the homes he was assigned to work on – the material waste, the energy consumption, and the insensitivity to the surrounding environment. While demolishing and rebuilding houses to remodel, he saw firsthand how certain design styles, construction methods, and materials can require costly repair and result in poor living conditions.

Eager to continue a career in housing that aligned with his values and passion for artistry and the environment, Mark returned to school in his thirties, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Montana State University.

While interning at an architecture firm, Mark found himself working on large scale commercial and government projects. Since Mark felt his life’s mission was to improve the way we live, he decided to open Greennovision- a residential design firm with a focus on energy-efficiency strategies, environmental sensitivity, and beautiful contemporary design of the mountain-modern style.

Through his renovation experiences, Mark was inspired never to repeat the mistakes of the past, developing a life-long interest in observing and analyzing home design and construction. This continual evaluation motivates him to develop better ways to design homes that are more efficient, functional, durable, and cost-effective, all while providing an optimal living experience. Mark views every new project as an opportunity to beautify and improve the world around us.

Meet Emily

Emily Varmecky, co-owner and client-relationship manager at Greenovision, was drawn to Mark’s mission to achieve sustainable and sensible design. As a child Emily spent her summers at her family’s off-grid cabin on a remote lake in northern Maine. Through this experience she developed an appreciation for simple living as well a deep connection to the natural world. Emily enjoys being outdoors as much as possible whether gliding down the trail on her bike or on Nordic skis, growing vegetables in her community garden, or camping in the Rocky Mountain backcountry.

Her love for nature led her to graduate from Mount Holyoke College with degrees in Biology and Spanish. After spending two years wearing a white coat in an immunochemistry lab, Emily got back outside by joining Greenovision in 2007 as a construction apprentice. Emily became co-owner in 2010 and is the organizational backbone of Greenovision, keeping the behind-the-scenes business operations in order and managing client relationships. She has also taken select courses through the Drafting Technology Program at Gallatin College/Montana State University to deepen her construction knowledge and ability to assist with Greenovision’s drafting services.

Because she comes from a non-building background just like most clients, Emily takes pride in her ability to explain complex construction and design terminology in ways that customers can readily understand.  As the client-relationship manager, Emily guides homeowners through the entire design-and-build process, addressing any concerns and maintaining close communication from start to finish.