Hawk Ridge Framing and Windows Update!

The framers have reached a major milestone in the construction of Hawk Ridge Home… the roof is on and “dried in.”  The windows and exterior doors have been set, meaning this home is well on its way to becoming real shelter.  According to Soren, the framing subcontractor, the month of June and early July had some pretty wet afternoons with large build-ups of clouds down Paradise Valley, which quickly turned into crazy wind and downpour events. When Emily and I arrived on Monday to take these pictures, it was a hot hazy late morning more typical of July days in Paradise Valley.

Here are photos and commentary of the exterior of the Hawk Ridge Home:

Several things to note about the Hawk Ridge Home and how it sits in the landscape: Notice how the surrounding landscape has series of ramps with longish linear features where woods meet fields, or cliff bands, buttes, mountain ridges or aretes in the backdrop. Our design’s massing came from these slight angles and ramps.  Unfortunately, so many of the homes in this area have little physical form relationships with this stunning backdrop.  To further compliment the surrounding environment, the finish materials will obviously much more subdued than the Tyvek building wrap that you are seeing in these pictures!

As a reminder, in the following image the gray foundation will be back-filled to create a berm against the north side of house.  This build up of earth will not only give the home physical ‘grounding,’ helping it’s form set into the land, but will also contain certain mechanical features such as a cistern to catch the roof-shed water runoff and a propane tank.

We were glad to be able to get out of the sun and take a look around inside.  A few notes on the interior pictures: It is very hard at this time to get a feel for the space as the interior walls have not been framed yet. Wisely, the framers are building the interior 2×4 walls that define the interior plane of the exterior walls before they build the rest of the interior partition walls. Right now the main space is wide open giving maximum space for chop saw cutting stations and staging.

Here are photos of the Interior of the Hawk Ridge Home:

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