Hawk Ridge Home: New Home Design!

Greenovision is excited to be working on a new design for a home that will be built in beautiful Paradise Valley, Montana. The Hawk Ridge Home will be designed to be sustainable and energy-efficient with “Sun Smart Radiant Heating” (combined passive solar and radiant hydronic heating), passive cooling, a well-insulated and tightly sealed building envelope, solar electric panels, long-lasting exterior materials, interior finish details made from reclaimed lumber, and more. A main aspect of the design is minimizing the strong Paradise Valley winds on and around the home.

The home is mostly one level with a small bird’s nest loft that will provide 360 degree views of the Absaroka and Gallatin Mountains. There will be a greenhouse integrated into the home with a hydroponic growing system.

Please check our blog and Facebook Page for updates.  As of Spring 2017 construction is underway!  See rendering of design below.

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