Longfellow School Movable Garden Project

We at Greenovision are excited to have built six Movable Gardens for the Farm 2 School Program at Longfellow Elementary School in Bozeman. Each grade, kindergarten through 5th, will have their own 3×3 garden for growing veggies. One of the goals of the Farm 2 School Program is to “strengthen children’s and communities’ knowledge about, and attitudes toward, agriculture, food, nutrition and the environment.” The curriculum at Longfellow already includes plant growth lessons and the Movable Gardens will provide the students with the hands-on opportunity to grow their own food.

Each Movable Garden was built with four heavy-duty wheels so that the students and parent volunteers can easily move each unit around the school yard. Two of the gardens include polycarbonate lids, which amplify heat and light, creating a greenhouse effect. The Farm 2 School volunteers are hoping to have the students conduct experiments that compare the heat and plant growth differences between the Movable Gardens that have lids and those that are lid-free.

We also built and donated to the Program a smaller tomato box that will be auctioned off at a Longfellow fundraising event in May 2012. We are looking forward to returning to the school later in the Spring to see what the kids growing!

October 2013 Update: Greenovision Movable Gardens is mentioned in Farm to School Guide Issue  of the magazine, “Montana Parent.”  

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