Material Study Renderings get the ideas across FAST!

Recently I have been doing some material study renderings for a client who is a board member of the Firelight Meadows Condo Association in Big Sky, Montana.  I was hired to design exterior remodels for the associations’ duplexes, four-plexes, and condominiums.  The idea is to make changes to the buildings that represent traditional mountain home aesthetics.  I was asked what method of imagery would ‘sell’ this project to the other board members.  I suggested the Photoshopped method, which gets important visual concepts across far better than drafted 2-D CAD drawings.

Such material study renderings can convey difficult to visualize textures, colors, materials far more realistically than drafted drawings. Rendered drawings are more like imagery that most people look at every day in design magazines, on the internet, and coffee table books.  This is important because not every client can read drafted 2-D drawings where elevations are flat and not in perspective.  Even as a designer and builder who has worked extensively with typical CAD-generated construction drawings, I still prefer to work in a model where I am able to see a building as a volume with 3 dimensions rather than with flat elevations.  Above are some examples of the Firelight project that show how a building can be designed with such Photoshopping methods.

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