Hourly Consultation

Solutions to home problems

Are you looking for hourly consultation to provide solutions to a problem or concern with your existing home? Or do you need instructions and non-biased advice for your own home project?

Having Mark and Emily over for just an hour or two will get your project started in the right direction.

If you are embarking on a home-related project and have questions or need advice from a non-biased third party expert (i.e. not the guys doing the work), please contact us so we can discuss your specific home issue. We’ll help analyze your problem, strategize a comprehensive solution, and provide specific instructions for yourself or the subcontractors.

Mark Pelletier, co-owner and principle designer at Greenovision, has more than 30 years of experience in the housing industry as a carpenter, contractor, and designer. He has worked on numerous construction projects ranging from multifamily units and new custom homes to historic home renovations. While demolishing and rebuilding houses to remodel, he saw firsthand how certain design styles, construction methods, and materials can require costly repair and result in poor living conditions. Through his renovation experiences, Mark was inspired never to repeat the mistakes of the past. He has learned how to innovate practical solutions to both common and uncommon home problems with efficiency and affordability in mind.

Please click here to learn more about one project in which we offered hourly consultation. This summer cabin was plagued with a leaky roof. We correctly analyzed the problem and directed the subcontractors to do the appropriate work. The following year we designed a new exterior paint and fascia color scheme to match the new metal roof. The home is now in great shape and the homeowners are happy that we helped guide them down the right path.