Mountain Modern Homes Are Not Just for Uber Wealthy

Mountain Modern Homes are not just for the uber wealthy; they can be designed for you, too! Conventional homes often rely on costly interior decoration for aesthetic beauty (see this write up). At Greenovision, our Mountain Modern Home designs aim to focus the home on the beauty of the world around us rather than on material distraction, which can be unnecessarily expensive. Our home design strategies aim to simplify overall building complexity. We typically achieve this by combining simpler roof lines (i.e. fewer valleys, hips, intersections, dormers, etc) with overall simpler open floor plan and interiors (i.e. less complex and unnecessary trim, walls, and paint schemes). This absence of complication not only shifts the occupants’ focus to the ephemeral beauty of the outdoors, it also saves money on construction. Such savings can then be allocated into energy efficient infrastructure and sustainable materials that last longer, are more durable, and even look better. These savings are also what can make Mountain Modern Home design attainable to the average homeowner, not just the uber wealthy. The key ingredient to all of these benefits is quality, well-thought-out design.

What make Mountain Modern Homes beautiful, cool, sleek, efficient, and long lasting has everything to do with how they are designed. Quality design begins with investigating the specifics of site location, which then unveils material and color palettes that will help integrate the home into its surroundings. For example, a designer analyzes environmental textures, colors & light (colors rely on light), and angles & slopes, then fashions the home design to blend and/or contrast with these surrounding features. To see and read more on designing to your home location, please go here. You can see more on how the environment influences our design process here.

The location of a home drives our design process even further when we consider energy efficiency strategies that will be appropriate for such sites. Every environment has strengths and weaknesses that must be carefully considered so that our design fits the needs and limits of the home. To learn more about Greenovision’s energy efficiency strategies, please go here or read our blog posts here.

Take a close look at what some are considering a Mountain Modern Home and see if they fulfill some of the design considerations we have mentioned here; be critical. Mountain Modern Homes, as with any home style, should not just be a recycled style thrown down on any site. Conventional homes can often appear to have been designed, but after examining how the home feel and performs, it’s clear that the home was a replicated typology and lacked thorough design. To us, Mountain Modern Home design should be a well-thought-out endeavor that is not only beautiful in setting and interior, but considers an array of design details, technologies, and ideas! Investing in a new Mountain Modern Home that is designed for you and where you live is a great idea. And lastly, do you have to live in the mountains to have this style? No, its just a home typology, just like you don’t have to live in colonial times to have a colonial home.  Contact us and let’s get going on your design!Mountain Modern Homes

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