Latest Polycarb Panel-Sided Movable Garden

Movable Garden

We (Mark and Emily) are proud to introduce our Movable Garden Boxes. Our boxes are custom designed and built from insect and rot-resistant natural white cedar. The legs are made of durable fir and all fasteners/hardware are rated for exterior usage. We build our boxes to last. The boxes can be moved around on either two or four inflatable rubber wheels, which are rated for 300 pounds per wheels (soil is heavy when wet). The Movable Gardens have an optional polycarbonate lid, which is a greenhouse glazing. The 8mm twin-cell lid has insulative properties due to captured airspace inside the cells. The lid traps heat at night and acts as a frost barrier. During the daylight hours, the lid will amplify the sun’s energy (radiant gain) and increase the soil temperature allowing for better seed germination.


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