Paradise Valley Hawk Ridge Home Underway!

Paradise Valley Hawk Ridge Home Underway!  Exciting times and an appropriate time to get a start on construction in Montana.  We believe in breaking ground in the spring when the snow has melted away. This gives the best window of weather during the dryer months to get the exterior portion of a home’s construction done.  Building when its warmer ensures that the work is done correctly.  Building when its warmer and drier is less stressful on on the builders which makes for more precise construction practices,for example the taking of  measurements are more accurate, materials are drier and more stable, and in general a more comfortable builder is a happier builder which usually leads to better quality.   In general its better to line up your home construction so that the builder gets to work when its best to build. If that means waiting a bit for a builders schedule to line up with the warmer seasons its worth the wait. The quality of your home, its longevity, not to mention all of the money invested in the home, is well worth a short wait.

A note on getting a seasonal jump on construction: some people think that getting the foundation hole dug in the fall would give you a better jump on things.  This is actually a big mistake.  Never break ground until you are ready to do the work.  All kinds of bad things can happen to the hole and ground if it is dug before winter.  To name a few, the hole itself would allow winter snow to drift in setting the ground into a frozen state, which can take longer to thaw out in the spring.  The foundation hole can allow moisture to infiltrate the ground making for a wet place to work in the spring or the foundation dig itself can cave in making for more digging before form work.  Unless you plan to have the whole foundation put in and back-filled wait on the foundation excavation and instead focus on the following.

The fall is a good time to have your site laid out correctly in an un-rushed manner.  Hawk Ridge which was laid out using the latest in surveying technology and completed by Matt of Caddis Engineering. After the layout is complete, the excavator can show up to do perk test dig hole for septic and put the driveway in. Having the driveway set in the fall ensures that there is a nice dry compact entry for the excavation equipment come spring.  This avoids a huge mess, which in Montana can take years to heal. Landscape can seem durable, but in reality it’s very fragile in Montana.

Just another Beautiful Day in Paradise!  Maybe just a tad windy though! Thank you Josh for the Photos!

The excavator, Scott Ross with LA excavation, looking over just what he has to do today.  The contractor Josh of CWJ & Associates is present to convey his knowledge of Greenovision’s design.  We met just hours before this photo was taken to discuss those last little details before the dig commenced.

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