Passive Cooling Article in Distinctly Montana

Wow, it’s sweltering hot all across the U.S. right now! This is perfect timing to read our article that was recently published in the Summer 2018 edition of Distinctly Montana, “Montana’s leading lifestyle magazine.” Entitled, Passive Cooling Design: The Natural Way to Air Condition Your Home, we discuss how passive cooling design and construction strategies help keep your home naturally cool in the warmer months. We also explain how passive cooling is a perfect companion to passive solar heating, which helps keep your home efficiently warm during the cooler months.

“With these hot, summer days upon us, Montanans use every opportunity to seek refuge in our state’s coolest natural environments—rivers and lakes, canyon bottoms, and higher mountain elevations where the air is crisp… Returning to our homes, however, we often find ourselves sweltering until the cool night air finally finds its way indoors. Either that or we run energy-consumptive fans and air conditioners around the clock to improve the interior comfort… It doesn’t have to be that way though.”

JPegs of the article are available below or you can read the PDF by clicking here.