Awnings & Skylights

Bring in Sunlight Through Your Roof

Let the sun shine in

Your entry should be bright, cheerful, and welcoming. Our custom-designed translucent awnings protect your threshold from rain, snow, and harsh UV rays, allowing diffused sunlight to illuminate your entry or enter through doors and windows beyond. With clean lines and a sleek and modern aesthetic, our awnings compliment many different styles of existing homes or may be a beautiful and functional component of your new home design. In a new custom home design, awnings may be carefully positioned over window arrays to assist in your home’s passive solar heating and passive cooling strategies.

Sometimes the only way to bring natural light into an existing home is through a skylight. Even at night, a skylight in a hallway or stairwell can make a huge difference in illumination. Natural lighting can help reduce the need to run energy-consumptive light bulbs, lowering your monthly electric bills. A skylight can also provide beautiful views of the sky, trees, and the surrounding landscape. Definite care that must be taken in the placement, design, and construction of a skylight to ensure that the roof will not leak. We have designed (as well as installed and custom-built) many skylights over the years and can help you find the right skylight solution for your home.

A word from a homeowner

``Mark did a great job doing the drawings for a new walk out area to my basement. In addition to the parts that I had already envisioned, Mark designed a stunning railing and roof. The steel structure is simple and clean. It supports a beautiful roof made of translucent panels. The structure adds a contemporary, but tasteful touch to my vintage bungalow house.`` Michael, Remodel Client

Designer – Greenovision