Benches, Decks, & Railings

Cool Exterior Home Amenities


Greenovision provides design, planning, and construction drawings for custom benches, decks, railings, and other exterior home amenities. When designing exterior railings and benches, we carefully consider safety, durability, and beauty as well as ensure that the features do not interfere with your views from inside. This custom steel ocean front bench has multi-fold purposes: preventing people from walking off the crib stone edge into the water, adding more places to sit and gather outside, and serving as a retaining wall for the sod earth grading that is higher than the crib rock. Adding a tasteful and contemporary look of the home, the bench also serves as a fun diving platform into the ocean. The structural braces are designed to mimic the hull of a ship, paying homage to the seaside location and maritime history.

Decks & Railings

Transform your house into your home with the addition of one of a kind, custom designed decks and railings. Curved, asymmetric, stacked, or cantilevering… the design possibilities for decks on your existing home or new home design are limitless, allowing you to safely and easily enjoy the outdoor areas of your home. Since the Liberty House homeowners are sailors on the coast of Maine, we designed their cantilevering deck and railing to resemble the prow of a sail boat. A stainless steel cable rail is tensioned off to the top corner of the house to partially hold up the cantilever, much like a mainstay. The cable rail and fasteners are actual sail boat rigging purchased at Bohndell Sails in Rockport, Maine.