Hawk Ridge

Mountain Modern Energy Efficient Home

Dream Living in Paradise

Located in beautiful Paradise Valley, Montana, Hawk Ridge is a sustainable, energy-efficient home with a mountain modern style. At 3000 square feet, the design features a master bedroom suite, an open living room, dining room, & kitchen, two guest/multi-purpose rooms, an integrated greenhouse, as well as a loft that provides 360 degree views of the Absaroka, Gallatin, and Crazy Mountain ranges. A main aspect of the design is minimizing the strong Paradise Valley winds on and around the home.

Sit down.
Take your shoes off.

Upon entering, sit down on the bench & take off your shoes, hat, and coat. Easily stow these items away in the custom cubbies & closet.

Experience nature’s restoration.

Vaulted wood ceilings, inspiring views, natural light, & openness create comfortable spaces reminiscent of the outdoors.

You’re Home.

Unwind, work, or accommodate guests in multi-purpose, transitional living spaces.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

The Hawk Ridge Home features ``Sun Smart Radiant Heating” (combined passive solar and radiant hydronic heating), passive cooling strategies, a well-insulated and tightly sealed building envelope, solar electric panels, long-lasting exterior materials, interior finish details made from reclaimed lumber, rainwater catchment, and other green features.

Solar + Radiant Floor Heating

“Sun Smart Heating” combines passive solar design and radiant hydronic floor heating, delivering even & efficient warmth throughout the home, even on the coldest days, sunny or cloudy. The radiant system is run by an efficient air-to-water heat pump, which in turn is run by solar panels. In other words, this home’s heating & energy systems are nearly 100% solar powered, both passive & active.

Advanced Building Envelope

The double wall construction and 24″ on center spacing helps reduce thermal conduction through framing members, resulting in R-45 walls and an R-60 roof. The very well-sealed & insulated building envelope help keep the home naturally warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Natural Lighting

There are many different natural light sharing strategies throughout this home including the polycarbonate panel and the slated wood walls. These light sharing strategies reduce the need to run energy consumptive light bulbs during the day, yet help create a sense of privacy. They also create dynamic and ever-changing shadows and reflectivity.

100% Renewable Cooling

The slatted wood shoji screen on the loft is a component of the passive ventilation/stack effect cooling strategy for the home. Cool fresh air enters the home through lower, north facing windows and hot, stagnant air rises and is released through windows in the loft. This naturally increases the air flow rates within the home resulting in a cooling sensation. In addition, the solar powered air-to-water heat pump can be programmed to cool the hydronic floor in the summer.

Passive Solar Garage

During the colder months, the garage and boat shed are designed passive solar heat gain and have ample natural day lighting, two energy efficiency strategies used in the main part of the home. This creates a warm and bright environment for the homeowners to work in. A garage shouldn’t have to be gloomy, cold, and boring!

Long-lasting, durable materials

Long-lasting exterior materials including corrugated metal siding, concrete board siding, and a standing seam metal roof reduce costly and wasteful maintenance and remodeling.

Reclaimed lumber

To add to the modern rustic style and to compliment the sustainable features of this green home, the homeowners requested interior accents made with reclaimed lumber.

Construction Process

The builders and specialists in conjunction with a buildable design made Hawk Ridge a reality. Visit our blog to learn more about the construction process.


Detailed 3D renderings aren't just pretty pictures; they are a valuable tool for the design team, homeowners, contractor, and subcontractors. During the initial design stages, the renderings allow the designer and homeowners to visualize how the home will look and feel before it is built, which can prompt changes or edits in the design and materials. We use renderings as explorative endeavors to flesh out materials, solar penetration, and interior spatial qualities such as flow, scale, sight lines, & light capturing. Then once the home is under construction, the renderings provide an important visual reference of details that can be difficult to convey through construction drawings alone.

A word from the homeowner

``Thank you, Mark and Emily, for your attention and passion that went into the Hawk Ridge Home project. You 'carried the ball' from start to finish to make sure the design was followed explicitly. It was a challenge to be out-of-state but you kept us informed every step of the way. Your working relationship with the general contractor was invaluable. Inside and outside, I love every part of my house. Every window gives me magnificent views. My favorite room - has to be the loft!`` -Carmella, Hawk Ridge Homeowner


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