Small Home That Grows

A concept home that grows when you do

Start Small & Plan for the Future

The “Small Home That Grows” is a passive solar, energy-efficient concept home specifically designed to accommodate home additions when the space is needed or as funding becomes available. With home construction costs continually rising, many future homeowners cannot afford to build a large home all at once. Additionally, small families that build a new home find that as their family grows, they require extra space in their home. Starting small, then building on later allows the homeowners to get settled into a new home in an affordable manner while focusing their limited budget on proper design, high-quality materials, and energy efficiency technologies.

With smart design, a small home can still feel spacious. Vaulted wood ceilings, inspiring views, natural light, & openness create comfortable spaces that feel bigger than they look in plan. Small homes are more energy-efficient, use fewer construction materials, and are more affordable. Using a smaller floor plan as efficiently and optimally as possible, the “Small Home That Grows” is also designed for practical use of commonly available material sizes and and lengths, reducing material waste and cost. If you are interested in this “growing” concept, but feel that this particular design does not fit your exact needs, please know that this general concept can be integrated into your own custom design. Read our blog post for more information on this design.

Designer – Greenovision