Snow Pod

A Unique Modern Concept Home

Skier's Retreat Concept Home

Designed for a one-of-a-kind dwelling experience, Snow Pod is a “smaller” passive solar mountain home with uniquely curved walls and large South-facing window arrays that provide a feeling of grand living. The many windows not only allow for beautiful views of the outdoors, they also naturally illuminate the interiors of the home during the day, reducing the need to run energy-consumptive electric lights. The high and low operable awning windows are positioned for passive cooling and ventilation, acting as an electric-free air conditioner during the summer. Snow Pod’s center section includes an integrated greenhouse, which offers the opportunity to “grow your own,” even in the dead of winter. All construction materials are chosen for longevity, durability, functionality, beauty, as well as to be to be as healthy and local as possible. This home is constructed with an advanced hyper-insulted, very well sealed building envelope with metal roofs that are compatible for solar panel installation.

Smaller Means Smarter

With smart design, a “down-sized” home can still feel spacious. Efficient floor space planning, adequate storage, vaulted ceilings, and views of the outdoors are just a few methods create efficiency and grandeur in a smaller home.  Down-sized homes are more energy-efficient, require less maintenance, and use fewer, but better quality construction materials.

Multi-functional entry

The entrance on the North side of the house opens into a functional mud room with a bench, laundry room, and hallway. A powder room is located on the right. The laundry machines are hidden and housed in custom-built cabinets. A set of stairs leading to a full, 8 foot deep basement is behind the hallway door. The basement is a root cellar and utility storage area and is located only in the middle section of the foundation. The remainder of the building’s foundation is a floating slab with an insulated 4 foot frost wall.

Open Main Space

The comfortable kitchen and living room has an open plan with beautiful views of the outdoors from within. The built-in curved bookcases and cylindrical wood stove are just some of the custom features that make the living room and kitchen perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests.

European Bathroom

Through the hallways past the greenhouse, a second full bathroom is located on the left. The curved walls and floor-to-ceiling blue tiles makes for a bathroom like no other. This is an open, “European style” bathroom where the shower has no stall. An open shower and bathroom with a drain in the center allows you to hose off the entire bathroom for easy cleaning.

Private Bedroom Suite

The master bedroom suite features a full bathroom, walk-in closet, and a bedroom that can be closed off at its own hallway door, lending this design to feel private and secure yet provide natural views of the landscape, passive solar warmth, and efficiency.

Passive solar warmth

Snow Pod is designed for maximum energy-efficiency. The passive solar strategies combined with a radiant (4″ thick) concrete slab create a comfortable, steady heat while keeping heating costs low. The roof overhangs are designed to allow sunlight to enter the home during the winter for solar heat gain, but reduce solar gain during the summer.

Year-Round Decks

The exterior deck wraps around the West, South, and East sides of the home. While lounging on the deck, the roof overhang protects you from rain and blazing summer sun. On the West side of Snow Pod, the 8 foot wide deck and curved roof alcove provides a warm and sheltered nook to relax on a sunny winter day.

Windows and Doors

All windows and doors are made of triple pane glass, to prevent cold from wicking into the building. The North, East, and West facing windows are Low E (emissivity) 3. The South facing windows are Low E Cardinal 178, allowing for the passive solar heat gain on those windows only.

Designer – Greenovision