Portland, bums and old buildings

Well back to Portland Maine, arrived with the warmth, or brought it with us. Great to be re-united with old friends. Jon Morrill has a project for me. A 170 year old house in the historic district of Portland. Its a real fixer-upper if ever I spied one. Yikes! Take a look, this building has seen so little maintenance over the years other than some quick masking tape and nailed up asphalt shingles.

Our strategy here is to get this building insulated, it has none. A new heating system, it has two heating systems now that are ancient. It needs new windows, electrical system, plumbing…you name it this building needs it…especially some TLC. Yesterday we met with the liaison for the Historic preservation board, she was glad this building finally fell in the hands of someone who cares. Its going to be a long summer of dust here but Jon’s Nephews hopefully will pan out as help, so far so good, I have already showed them how to rip down old plaster and lathe quickly…cant say painlessly, part of the ceiling fell onmy head as I tried in vain to save an old plaster ceiling lamp ornament.

This is not exactly a dream job, but its my best friend and he really needs a hand. So far I have measured and drafted up the building. More to come later.

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