What is Environmental Home Design?

We practice environmental design at Greenovision, meaning that the environmental conditions of the site and its surroundings influence our home designs. We believe that homes should compliment and be a sensitive addition to the surrounding landscape, rather than stick out like a sore thumb. Positive conditions such as beautiful vistas, passive solar exposure, cool summer breezes, etc are utilized to benefit the home. Negative conditions such as unsightly views, glaring western sunlight, harsh winter winds, etc are minimized through careful design.

The roof angles of Liberty House and its adjacent Recycled Garage were designed to mimic the slope of nearby Haystack Mountain. The sage green metal roofing and locally grown & milled, natural-colored cedar siding create soft colors that allow the structures to sit in beautifully with the environment.

The surrounding mountain and hillside slopes of the Quinn Creek Home were carefully analyzed and integrated into the design and roof pitches. Even though this photo is in color, winter light conditions often create a black-and-white-like effect. The darker and lighter colored metal siding and roofing colors were purposefully chosen to help the home blend with the environment during the changing seasons.


The low shed roofs at the Crimson Bluffs Home in Townsend, MT were designed to compliment the surrounding mountain ranges. When you follow nature’s existing angles, some amazing things happen both inside and outside of the building. Roof pitches are often “formalities” with no connection to the encompassing landscape. The shed roofs seen in many of our designs are not just a style; they are carefully integrated to have multiple purposes to aid in passive solar heating, passive cooling, water and snow drainage, site specific/environmental design, and other strategies.

Please read Site Specific Design to learn more.


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