What is the process in having my new energy-efficient home designed?

We get this question often. No worries, there is a process! Of course, it is not instant, but we (Mark and Emily) are with you every step of the way. Planning your new home should be given great consideration.  The time, energy, and materials that all go into making your home long lasting, efficient, and beautiful as well as creating a home that is a reflection of your lifestyle, values, and commitment to living sustainably are all worth more than a slam-bam effort.

We understand that for many of our clients, this is the first time you will have a home designed and built from scratch. We are here to help you with this entire process, from the initial design meetings until you move in. We encourage our clients to ask questions and reach out to us at any time.

So where do you start?

    • 1. Start by looking over our website and associated blog. We really worked hard to put together in our website our design ideas, green building techniques, and other processes all with the goal of helping you, the homeowner. 

On our website there is our main menu at the top which each scroll out into design ideas, homes and amenities that we have designed and/or built, etc.  Just keep clicking through.

Projects: projects we have recently been working on

From the Blog: our most recent blog entries.

Finally, the categories lower on the opening page: they will lead you to general design concepts that are important to us at Greenovision.

Look to the right side and you will see different categories of interest. Follow them around at your leisure.

      • 2. After browsing and reading and you’re still with us, Contact us!  

We would love to meet with you and hear about your thoughts, ideas, and plans for your new home. We can set up a one hour consultation to begin get to know one another. During this time, we will help you outline your objectives and we will give you a bit of feedback as well as outline our design services. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. After this initial consultation, we’ll take the information that we learned to assess your project goals, then we’ll develop a proposal specifically for you and your project.

      • 3. Proposal Meeting 

During this follow-up meeting we will present to you a proposal of our services with estimated costs by the phase. Phases suggested will depend on your needs, the complexity of your project, and your budget. Depending on your specific project, we may offer you more than one proposal. After this meeting, you then can spend some time reviewing the proposals and choose which one best fits you and your needs.

      • 4. You choose the best proposal for you!

This is great news! We are excited to begin working with you on your project. From here we will send you a detailed questionnaire for you to fill out which asks specifics about your lifestyle, home ideas, and budgeting.  These we will review to further develop our understanding of you and your expectations. We will have further discussions with you by email, in person, or (if you are from away) by Skype. We will listen to your needs and concerns and we’ll work together to establish realistic goals for your project.

      • 5. Design  

The following Design Process is based on our full service proposal, which consists of 8 phases. Your needs and budget might have a different arrangement.

Examples of Design Deliverables: 

Phase I : Site Evaluation Understand that this is just a small piece of our site evaluation, there is usually a write-up with climate data, site specifics, code information, covenants, etc.

Phases 2-8 Examples From Design throughout Construction to Completion:



We will be there for you throughout this whole process! You can see more about the process here.

We believe that the best homes are built through collaboration with the builders and subcontractors. Through communication and understanding, we achieve great results.  A design on paper is just a design. Only until all the pieces come come together and the contractors have completed their work is it your home. Services that we offer that insure accurate and efficient construction include:

      • Selection of Contractors
      • Collaboration with Contractor & Other Specialists
      • Construction Observation
      • Design of Special Details  

Its all about processes from beginning until you move in. You can see the different design strategies we use and when considering your design on our What We Do page

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